Truck drivers spend a great deal of time on the road, and after seeing pretty much the same sights for mile after mile, hour after hour, it can easily happen that a truck driver becomes hypnotized by the road. This of course, is a real danger to the driver, the vehicle, and everyone else on the road.

In such a mesmerized state, it’s very easy to ignore road signs and traffic conditions which could potentially cause problems. Fortunately, there are a few steps that a professional truck driver can take to alleviate the potential for road hypnosis, and stay alert right through to the desired destination.

Get plenty of fresh air

Getting fresh air is one very simple way of breaking through the monotony and the sameness of driving long distances and long hours. Just opening the windows and catching the fresh breeze being forced through the truck cab, could make all the difference between alertness and drowsiness. Whenever you have time, you should also pull over, stretch your legs and take a walk around a rest area, to get the blood circulating throughout your body and to break the spell of road hypnosis.

Try different entertainments

Almost all trucks have radios installed in them, so the majority of truck drivers do listen to their favorite stations whenever possible. This however, can add to the comfort level of driving, and the likelihood that you become too relaxed or mesmerized. Try switching between several different radio stations, even if the style of music being played is something you don’t care for – thinking about how you dislike it will help to keep you alert.

Maintain a video travel journal

This doesn’t mean jotting down notes as you drive of course, but creating a video record of your travels which you can share with others, or which you can keep for your own enjoyment. It’s a great way to record thoughts and events as you drive between places, and a great way of keeping alert, to gather plenty of information you can share with others.