After a year of insanity, things are beginning to return to something that resembles what life used to be like. With the economy trying to right itself amid uncertainty, we are seeing fuel prices on the rise.

And the impact on the freight industry won’t go unnoticed. Fuel prices are quickly climbing past $3.17 a gallon, and they are expected to keep rising with the slow return of the economy after a year of pandemic.

So what is the key to controlling those expenses? Fuel Cards. We at Express Freight talk a lot about the impact of fuel cards. But most important is understanding the different types of fuel cards and what each offers. 

Not all freight fuel cards are created equal.

Let’s be honest, being educated on which fuel card is best for you can be the difference between making a 1% impact versus a 20% impact on your bottom line. 

Take a look at the two main categories of fuel cards:

  1. Just the card, keepin’ it simple – just give you access to purchase fuel using a card but with no options or noteworthy features
  2. Give me the Bells and Whistles – a full suite of bells and whistles, including fuel discounts and/or a line of credit

The key to identifying which card type makes the most sense for you depends on your goals. 

Are you looking for a simple solution that just enables you to better track your fuel spending?

Then go for a card that has minimal features, but that can give you access to most fuel stops across the country.

Do you see your fuel card as a key business decision?

Then go for the card that will have the most positive impact on driver retention, and your bottom line.

TRICK QUESTION: Fuel card choice is always a key business decision

At Express Freight Finance, we offer the EFS Card. 

  1. Our card is accepted at over 8,000 fuel stops across the country
  2. Offers a line of credit (must credit qualify)
  3. Provides ATM access
  4. gives great discounts on fuel purchases
  5. Offers other discounts on things like tire purchases and roadside maintenance

Our card is a great way to help take a bite out of the higher fuel prices we’re experiencing right now. While other carriers are feeling the pain at the pump, with our card and discounts, you’ll be able to manage your fuel expense and help your bottom line.

Don’t let rising fuel prices trip up your business, we’re happy to talk to you about if our fuel card works for you or if there is another that makes more sense.

Express Freight Finance is smarter by the mile.