Introducing MarketFIT – A Freight Intelligence Tool from Express Freight

Introducing Marketfit™

Be Driven
by Real-Time Lane Data

MarketFIT™ is a powerful Freight Intelligence Tool delivering game-changing insights
as simply and intuitively as your speedometer.

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A next generation toolset delivering near real-time market insights and intelligence.

Reduce deadhead miles with national market data at your fingertips.
Negotiate better rates by knowing your leverage.
Precisely identify the right opportunities with market insights.
Optimize fuel consumption with smarter route planning.
trucking companies, trucking services, company trucking, and freight companies

Own the Road

Get the latest market conditions, average
lane prices and top performing markets in
the country with MarketFIT data from Express Freight Finance.

Fight Data with Data.

Express Freight Finance now offers MarketFIT™, a new data-driven tool, to provide our carriers with near real-time market data and lane insights. This helps you choose the best route every time.

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MarketFIT™ is the first tool of its kind that allows carriers to quickly identify the most favorable and competitive freight markets in the US. Use near real-time data to positively impact every aspect of your business from rate negotiation to route optimization.

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Keep Score.

FITScores clearly rank local market conditions based on critical factors.

At the heart of this tool are FITScores, a one-number rating assigned to 135 different cities throughout the US along with a simple red, yellow, or green status rating.

The higher the score, the more favorable the market is to carriers. The lower the score, the more competitive the market and the more unfavorable the conditions are for negotiating rates and load availability.

See Around
the Corner.

Know which markets are headed in the right direction. And which aren't.

From weather to politics, market conditions can change quickly. MarketFIT™ provides market trend data showing which markets are rising the fastest and which are deteriorating.

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Freight Factoring | Finance Image

Don’t Stay in Your Lane.

Make moves based on near real-time insights from 135 cities across the country.

Discover opportunities in lanes outside your usual routes. Choose your origin city and you'll receive FITScores for the best short, mid, and long haul lane options.

Negotiate with the Numbers on Your Side.

For years, this data has been used as leverage against carriers. Not anymore. With the release of MarketFIT™, we're empowering our customers with advanced tools, technology, and data-driven insights to thrive in a fast-moving and complex business.

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