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Trucking Fuel Advances

Fuel Advances for Trucking

Express Freight Finance offers fuel advances for trucking professionals. We understand that situations on the road sometimes require extra fuel after a pickup or delivery. We also know that if payments have not been processed, the funds may not be available to fill up the tank. Our fuel advances for trucking help ease logistics and expenses for independent drivers and fleets alike.

How Our Fuel Advances For Trucking Work

Our fuel advances for trucking are simple. When a driver needs to make a delivery, or the funds are not available to fill up the tank after picking up a shipment, our fuel advances for trucking will provide up to 50 percent of the value of those deliveries, which can then be used toward fuel expenses. Our fuel advances are designed to keep truckers moving without worrying about whether or not they have the funding available to keep their tanks filled.

Qualifications For Fuel Advances

Access fuel advances for trucking from Express Freight Finance has never been easier. A driver only needs to send a copy of the signed bill of lading along with a copy of the signed confirmation sheet to us via fax or smartphone. Immediately after we receive the information, we will make a call to confirm the pickup or delivery, and automatically transfer the necessary funds for the fuel advance. We keep the process fast and simple so drivers and fleet owners can focus on their business, rather than how they are going to keep their trucks fueled.

Improve Logistics With Our Fuel Advances For Trucking

Not all companies that offer fuel advances for trucking know their customers or even the industry. Express Freight Finance is owned and operated by people with deep roots in the trucking industry, and who have experience as both fleet owners and independent drivers. Because of this, we understand the challenges facing trucking professionals. And we strive to provide the most comprehensive solutions for fuel advances, working capital, and more to both owner-operators and fleets of all sizes.

Our mission is to help the independent driver, large fleets, and everyone in-between keep operations in motion, without hold-ups like wondering if there is enough fuel in the tank to complete a delivery or make it back home. Our fuel advances cut down on waiting times, and our instantaneous transfers on those fuel advances can be used from anywhere in the country.

We Provide More Than Just Fuel Advances

Express Freight Finance offers much more than fuel advances. We also offer fuel cards, which provide discounts on fueling stations including major fuel chains and stops throughout the United States and Canada, health care benefits, legal coverage, and low pricing on equipment and technology. We help truckers across the country maintain a healthy cash flow with our freight bill factoring services. Whether you are an independent driver, or you own a fleet, Express Freight Finance can help you keep all of your bases covered with our services.

Using Our Fuel Cards For Trucking Legal Protection

Despite the many hours of training and experience, truckers are still at a much greater risk of getting tickets and fines for traffic violations. Many of the traffic charges brought against truckers are unwarranted. Since drivers rely on clean driving records for continued employment, Express Freight Finance offers legal protection through the Open Road Plan, which features:

  • Legal referral for carrier violations
  • Bonding services
  • Reimbursement for lost expenses if something happens away from home
  • Discounts on lodging
  • And more
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