Hurricane Season started last week with three named tropical storms. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) anticipates an above average hurricane season this summer, which will run from June into September. Still, truckers working along states in South and along the Atlantic Coast need to take precautions to remain safe and prepared in case of a tropical storm or hurricane.

Wind and Rain Are a Dangerous Combination

Even if a hurricane doesn’t make landfall in your area, the bands of wind can wreak havoc. Power lines snap, trees fall, and vehicles are vulnerable to being rolled over. More people lose their lives on the road during severe weather than by other causes. SUVs and other tall vehicles used by private motorists have a tendency to blow over during heavy winds. Rain from hurricanes can cause massive flooding, and when combined when downed power lines, entire stretches can become extremely hazardous. If you are making a haul through a hurricane, avoid flooded roads and bridges. Remember that hours of service have provisions for hazardous weather, so drivers are encouraged to pull over when a hurricane makes landfall in their areas.

Stocking Your Truck for Hurricane Season

While drivers usually keep their cabs stocked with emergency supplies, the damage and hazardous conditions created during hurricane season can stop operations for days. Truckers would be wise to stock their trucks with the following items:

  • Extra road flares
  • Battery-operated lanterns or flashlights
  • Hand-crank USB chargers for mobile devices
  • Extra energy bars/ non-perishable goods
  • Multiple changes of clothes
  • Extra batteries
  • Rubber boots and rain gear

Be Safe

The most important thing is that drivers stay safe during hurricane season. If there are storm warnings, try to plot and navigate alternate routes. Use the internet to look to possible parking well in advance of an oncoming storm so you have a safe place to wait out the wind and rain. Remember that shipments and goods are typically insured and replaceable. Your life cannot be replaced.

From all of us at Express Freight Finance, be safe out there during hurricane season.