It may seem like there are very few physical requirements of a truck driver, since much of the time is spent in a sitting position, driving down the road. However, there are some basic physical requirements which, if not met, could prevent you from obtaining your commercial driver license.

For example, every truck driver has the responsibility for and must be qualified to safely operate the vehicle, and to do pre-trip safety inspections, as well as post-trip safety inspections. Three major red flags which could automatically disqualify an applicant from getting a commercial driver license are vision loss, hearing loss, and the need to use insulin at regular intervals. These basic qualifications, as well as those which follow, are all intended to ensure that a driver does not put himself or any other vehicle operators at risk on the road.

Conditions which would disqualify someone from truck driving

  • must have full use of feet, legs, hands, and arms, or a medical exemption certifying fitness
  • must have no medical history or current diagnosis of diabetes which necessitates the use of insulin
  • must not have respiratory problems which could arise to affect the driver while operating a vehicle
  • must not have any medical history or current diagnosis of vascular, arthritic, muscular, rheumatic, or neuromuscular disease which could inhibit the ability to safely operate a truck
  • must not have a current diagnosis of alcoholism
  • must not have any current mental disorders which would have the potential to interfere with vehicle operation
  • must be able to see at prescribed distance without the use of glasses or contact lenses, and must not be color blind
  • must be able to pass a hearing test
  • must be free from narcotics and all other illegal drugs, and cannot have an addiction to prescription drugs
  • must not have any type of cardiovascular disease which could interfere with the ability to safely operate a vehicle

Assuming none of these conditions affects an applicant, he/she would then be free to pursue the actual qualifications necessary for a commercial driver’s license, and become a professional truck driver.