The demand for truck drivers is exploding across America these days, and it is estimated that over the next decade that more than six times the current 35,000 drivers will be needed, to haul freight from coast-to-coast and all destinations in between. For owners of trucking fleets, that means it’s going to be absolutely critical to attract and retain the best driving talent, because demand will provide numerous other opportunities for them.

That being the case, as a trucking company owner, you would be well-advised to demonstrate genuine appreciation for your team of truck drivers, and do your best to show them how important they are to the company. Here are some ways you can do that:

  • Provide healthy eating options – everyone knows how unhealthy it can be to eat fast food on the road all the time, so provide your team members with gift cards to restaurants where healthier food choices are available.
  • Make it fun – most people don’t exactly think of truck driving as fun, but if you can spice things up at work by arranging friendly competitions, it can go a long way toward breaking the normal monotony. Make sure to offer worthwhile prizes for these fun contests, so that your drivers are motivated to participate.
  • Truck wash coupons – most drivers take great pride in their rigs and want them to always be looking clean and new. By providing them with truck wash coupons, you can give them a sense of pride in their truck and in their job.
  • Offer extra benefits – even if you can’t offer a full package of impressive benefits, anything that you can provide your drivers with toward their health insurance will make them feel better about themselves and about working for your company.
  • Reward loyalty – initiate a loyalty program that rewards drivers for staying with you for specific time periods, and make those rewards really appealing, e.g. pay increase, vacation time, etc.
  • Company party – to offset the natural loneliness of the truck driver, schedule a regular company party where all drivers can socialize in a relaxed setting, at company expense. This is not only a great team-building exercise, but it should make drivers feel good about the company they’re working for.