At the end of April, the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) issued a warning about truck ramming attacks and how to deal with them. While the TSA may have the best interests of the people in mind, the trucking industry has been prepared for ramming attacks for a very long time.

Recent Truck Ramming Attacks Come To The Forefront

Recent events spurred the TSA to lay out guidelines for truck ramming attacks. They released a document titled “Vehicle Ramming Attacks: Threat Landscape, Indicators and Countermeasures.” The most prominent truck ramming event happened in July of 2016, when a truck was driven through a crowd in Nice, France during the Bastille Day celebration. Not but a month ago, a similar attack took place in Sweden. Since 2014, there have been 17 incidents which have resulted in the deaths of over 170 people.

The United States Has Been Prepared

While the TSA recognizes the threat of truck ramming incidents, the trucking industry as a whole has been preparing since the days following 9/11. The Trucking Association of New York is very aware the truck drivers and private citizens are rarely far apart, especially in large cities. Since the majority of truck ramming incidents involve large crowd, it is imperative that truck drivers remain vigilant during their deliveries.

Steps Drivers Can Take

First and foremost, truck drivers should always be aware of their surroundings for their own safety, while driving. Second, the biggest thing drivers can do to prevent truck ramming attacks is to be aware of their surroundings and other vehicles. If something looks out of place or suspicious, say something. Report activity and strange drivers. This may seem like undue concern, but even if a report turns out to be nothing, not saying anything does nothing to reduce the risk of attack. Even if reported activity turns out to be a driver running on a sleep deficit instead of a terror attack, the report can still save at least one, if not multiple, lives.

Keeping America Safe

The truth is, truck drivers observe more of what occurs on the roads than almost anyone else. So long as drivers look out for themselves, each other, and those around them, we will see a reduction in the threat of things like truck ramming attacks. The trucking industry is the backbone of the economy in the United States, if not the world, and the times call for everyone to be careful and aware to ensure safety.