With the current employment gap in the trucking industry, there is a movement to bring military veterans into the fold. Military veterans and the trucking industry go hand-in-hand, and with the help of some proposed legislation, it will be easier for returning military veterans to transition into the trucking industry and start a new career in the United States.

Why Military Veterans Are Ideal For Trucking

Veterans often return home with many more skills than when they entered the military. Many veterans have the training and certification to drive large vehicles. Unfortunately, while operating a truck is not much different than the heavy equipment they were used to in the military, domestic licensing standards are prohibitive. Veterans have to go through the red tape of getting licensed for driving trucks, when they could easily just get in a cab and start hauling for themselves or for a fleet. New legislation is on the table to reduce the number of hoops military veterans have to jump through to get jobs in the trucking industry, by allowing them to use existing vehicle handling qualification from their military careers.

An Emphasis On Safety

With the trucking industry focused on safety, hiring military veterans is a logical move. Most veterans looking at careers in the trucking industry also have medical training and certifications. While we can account for our own actions on the road, accidents still happen from automobile drivers. Hiring drivers who know how to save lives and take care of injuries in accidents increases their value as an asset to any fleet.

Both Sides Of The Aisle Agree

HR 2258, which is the Active Duty Acquisition of Necessary Credentials for Employment (or ADVANCE, for short) has been indorsed by representatives, veterans, military organizations, and trucking associations, is the bill which will make it easier for veterans to start careers in the trucking industry. ADVANCE will work in conjunction with HR 2547, which is the Veterans Expanded Trucking Opportunities (VEROPPS) bill. The goal for this is help veterans pass physicals and other tests required by the Department of Transportation, without having to spend a lot of money or time traveling. By having existing military qualifications carry over to the trucking industry, veterans can get behind the wheel and start hauling without getting caught in a sea of red tape.

With the trucking industry poised to increase business over the next few years, hiring military veterans will help keep things running safely and efficiently.