Salt Lake City, UT – Express Freight Finance, a trailblazer in freight factoring, is thrilled to announce a new service offering designed for owner-operators and fleets that factor. This transformative service, made possible by a partnership with Tank Payments, a payment infrastructure that helps trucking companies get paid instantly, provides the fastest way for carriers to get paid for invoices, offering instant payment upon invoice approval with no money transfer fees.

“With this partnership with Tank Payments and our new service offering, we are putting the control back into the hands of our customers,” stated Dan Hadley, President at Express Freight Finance. “The money they earn is theirs, and they should be able to use it without worrying about fees or delays.”

For a mere $40 per month, customers can enjoy unlimited, instant funding. Express Freight Finance’s account is much more than a simple payment service. It includes:

  • No wire fees
  • No cutoff times
  • Improved cash flow to pay drivers, dispatchers, bills, and recurring expenses
  • Issuance of fleet cards to drivers
  • Options to pay anyone with a mobile number
  • Transferability of funds anywhere

Once funds are instantly paid to the Express Freight Finance account, customers can decide what happens next. They can use the Tank card anywhere debit or credit cards are accepted, withdraw money from ATMs and transfer money anytime to any existing bank account.

“Express Freight Finance’s primary goal has always been to enhance the financial freedom and prosperity of carriers,” added Dan Hadley. “With our Instant Pay service, we’re taking a significant leap forward in making that goal a reality.”

For more information about this new service or to get started, visit the Express Freight Finance website or contact your Express Freight Finance representative.

About Express Freight Finance

Express Freight Finance is a leading provider of freight factoring services, with a commitment to providing innovative financial solutions for the trucking industry. Express Freight Finance also offers equipment leasing, fuel cards, and market data to provide their customers with comprehensive financial services. Through advanced technology, strategic partnerships, and personalized customer service, Express Freight Finance supports trucking businesses of all sizes, assisting them in maintaining a healthy cash flow and achieving their goals.

About Tank Payments

Tank is a neobank and payments infrastructure that gets truckers paid faster. The company automates payouts to trucking companies, giving truckers instant access to the money they already earned. Ultimately, Tank Payments aims to become an all-in-one financial hub for the freight industry. You can learn more about Tank at