Qualities that are instilled in a veteran during military service can be of enormous value in a truck driving career afterward. With the trucking industry in need of a great many drivers to handle the increased demand for overland shipping, it can be a great fit for veterans who have acquired useful skills during their years of service, to apply them toward a good career in trucking.

Military life provides a definite structure and sense of self-sufficiency that translates well to the trucker’s regular schedule, and the importance of maintaining yourself and your vehicle in top operating condition. Here are some of the lessons learned from military life that have great application in the trucking industry as well:

  • Teamwork – although the driving part of the job is mostly performed alone, a trucker needs to work well with dispatchers, warehouse workers, and operational managers in order to get the job done efficiently and promptly. All of this is very similar to the mission-oriented environment of the military.
  • Dependability – it’s essential that truck drivers are dependable employees and can be relied upon by their companies. If deliveries aren’t made on time, trucking companies often incur penalties and lose money as a result.
  • Mental toughness – long hours on the road require a great deal of concentration and focus on the task at hand. Loss of focus for even a little while could spell disaster for a driver or his vehicle.
  • Situational awareness – it’s crucial that a driver always be aware of the traffic situation around him, and he must also be aware of the performance of his vehicle, noting when anything seems amiss and may require some kind of maintenance.
  • Leadership – at every rank of the military, leadership is important to accomplish the unit’s mission and to keep the team moving forward. The same quality is essential for a truck driver, who needs to take on the initiative and responsibility of getting a job done as efficiently as possible, to the satisfaction of both customer and employer.