We are not yet done with 2017, and the trucking industry has already seen a lot. ELDs are going to be mandatory in December. Mobile apps are opening up more opportunities for independent truckers. Talks are still underway to roll back stringent regulations on the industry as a whole. Various companies are competing to roll out autonomous vehicles. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Analysts and futurists are predicting more innovations over the next five years alone than we have seen in the past two decades.

Innovations In The Virtual World

Virtual reality (VR) has come a long way since the 1990s. With a better sense of motion detection and improved visuals, VR is being implemented on training levels across all industries. In trucking, companies such as UPS are making use of virtual reality to train drivers to safely deliver packages and to improve situational awareness.

The 5G Network

5G network capabilities will allow for even more innovations to hit the trucking industry. More than just a marketing term used by your mobile phone carrier, the 5G network will allow for large and complex data to be transmitted wirelessly. In addition to improved ELDs, sensors in trucks will be able to transmit diagnostics, and software updates will allow engines to be tuned on the fly. There are even companies working on a means of communication between a group of automated trucks on the road at the same time, with one human driver acting as a “shepherd.”

Parts Are About To Get Less Expensive

Almost a decade ago, when 3-D printing started to become affordable to the public, people quickly started to unleash their imaginations. Yes, some people used the new method of printing to create little novelty model cars and whatnot, but then people started coming up with innovations. These days, people are using 3-D printers to create medical prostheses, furniture, and more. As the technology becomes even more affordable, and 3-D printers start to use more durable materials, people will be able to print their replacement parts for trucks. The ability to create and install your own brakes, fans, and more will revolutionize the maintenance side of the trucking industry.


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