The trucking industry is competitive, and trucking companies are continually seeking ways to save money.  One method of cutting down on fuel consumption and even reducing repair bills is through the adjustment of driving habits.  Here are just a few simple ways that driving habits can save your company money and keep your drivers safer on the road.

Reduce Speed

Not only is speeding unsafe, but it’s also hard on your vehicle and gas mileage.  Excessive speed causes trucks to guzzle more gas and can reduce the life of an engine as well as boost the wear on tires.  It may take loads a bit longer to reach their destination, but the long-term savings are worth the extra hour on the road.

Acceleration and Braking

When a truck is exposed to constant quick braking and acceleration, it burns more fuel, and it can wear down the systems faster.  A driver that is easier on the gas pedal and brakes will have better fuel economy and a longer-lasting truck.

Cut the Engine

If waiting in line to load or unload, cut the engine instead of idling. This will save a ton of fuel.

Eyes on the Road

By anticipating actions well ahead on the road, trucks can save their systems from hard-braking and abrupt acceleration.

Coasting More

This also speaks to anticipating what lies ahead.  If your drivers are looking ahead, they can coast to a stop more easily instead of using the vehicle’s brakes. Over time, this adds up to some significant fuel savings.

Better Planning

Multiple traffic stops and driving in low gear are bad for fuel economy and can eat into your driver’s schedule.  Have driver’s carefully plan their routes so that they are driving during low traffic times and maximizing their time driving in top gear.

Timely Servicing

Trucks that are regularly serviced are going to last longer and have the best fuel economy.  It may cost money to have engines tuned, filters changed, and wheels aligned, but the savings will be paid back in more efficient vehicles with less long-term mechanical problems.