The development of driverless trucks has been looming large over the trucking industry for some time now. Companies such as Google, Tesla, and others have been pushing for legislation in favor of driverless trucks on the platform of safety and efficiency. One of the major concerns coming from all of this is that jobs through the trucking industry will be eliminated – a move which would upset the economy of the United States, and leave many drivers without alternatives. However, one company, Embark, a developer of driverless trucks, may have a solution for creating trucking jobs with the upcoming age of automated commercial vehicles.

Creating Trucking Jobs In A Very Near Future

The fear of robots taking over human jobs is not something out of science fiction. The automotive industry caught a taste of it in the 1980s with robotic arm assemblers. Embark, a relatively new company looking to partner with major players in the trucking industry, recognizes how essential it is for human operators to be part of the driverless revolutions. Embark proposes a plan for creating trucking jobs, if and when dliverless vehicles are implemented throughout the industry. Creating trucking jobs will bridge the gap between the traditional transportation industry and the nebulous future. The transition cannot happen suddenly, because it would disrupt too many lives, as well as national commerce.

How Embark Is Creating Trucking Jobs

Currently, driverless trucks work very well on highways on open roads. Yet, despite all the available technology, driverless trucks do not navigate through city streets so well. Yes, a small personal vehicle can give warnings and reconfigure navigation around local construction and traffic, but they still miss out on the details. Embark proposes a plan comprised of retaining and creating trucking jobs for people who can take over where the artificial intelligence leaves off. Basically, truckers are needed to fill two roles on ever trip. Truckers are needed to switch off regularly to oversee that the vehicle itself, acting as engineers. The other role the truckers play is to actually drive the truck through city streets. Driverless trucks can account for roads and large obstacles, but the details, such as entrances and human traffic, are not recognized by automated vehicles.

Creating Trucking Jobs May Save The Industry

We cannot stop innovation and progress, however, removing the human element entirely is going to be too sudden and too disruptive. Embark is creating trucking jobs as a means of bridging the gap to the future without jeopardizing the livelihoods of those who have already made a career in the trucking industry.

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