Cab cameras have been a bone of contention for drivers and fleets for a while now. Some do not like cab cameras because it is yet another monitoring device. Others see purchasing and installing cab cameras as financially prohibitive, especially the ongoing cost to keep monitoring services in place. However, over the past year or so, more fleets and drivers have been warming up to the idea of cab cameras.

Cab Cameras Work In Favor Of Drivers

Truckers are perhaps the most skilled drivers on the road today. Managing a large vehicle for long house takes training and discipline – something the average car driver does not have. Regular car drivers have, statistically, a lower sense of awareness, and are more prone to taking risks without assessing things like traffic and speed. Cab cameras record activity on the road, so if there is an accident, it is not a matter of one person’s word against another, the evidence of reckless car driving is right there, which prevents truckers from having to pay fines for things they did not do in the first place.

An Ounce Of Prevention Can Be Worth Million Of Dollars

Everything in the trucking industry is measured by time and money. Some drivers and fleet owners are hesitant to install cab cameras because the expense seems like a waste, especially if there are no accidents or traffic violations. The best trucker in the world cannot anticipate what is going on in the heads of other drivers on the road. One accident can put a vehicle and driver out of commission. Add into that the cost of lawyers, time spent in court, and the possibility of a ruling that goes against what actually happened, along with increased insurance rates across the board, and suddenly the cost of installing cab cameras does not seem so high.

Helping The Future

Cab cameras are a tremendous safety and legal precaution. Looking down the road, the behavior recording by these cameras will be used to create algorithms for warning devices to assist drivers, as well as in the development of partially and fully automated trucks. For now, cameras are helping to save lives, preserve driving records, and avoid legal entanglements. What may seem like an invasion of privacy can keep drivers and the trucking industry as a whole, alive, safe, and financially secure.