Last week, Bendix unveiled its Knowledge Dock. This rollout is being touted as a multimedia center for truckers, keeping them connected to the industry to assist in all aspects of the trucking industry. But what exactly does it do?

Knowledge Dock Offers Tech Tips And Advice

Knowledge dock provides truckers with news on technological developments in the trucking industry. Going one step further, it also offers a few in-depth video series, which explore hardware, software, and apps for truckers, giving guides for troubleshooting, overall use, and product comparisons. The goal is to keep truckers informed and on the cutting edge of technology, to remove the guesswork from major purchases and investments.

Keeping An Eye On Safety

Bendix has also dedicated an entire section of Knowledge Dock to safety in the trucking industry. The multimedia center will offer white papers, videos, podcasts, and more to maintain truck safety “24/7/365.” The series will cover everything from pre-trip inspections for owner-operators, fleet management advice, maintenance for technicians, and much more. Safety is a huge priority for truckers and fleet owners going into 2017, and Bendix aims to help make the know how available to everyone at all levels in the industry.

Lowering Costs

Knowledge Dock aims to provide tips to everyone from large fleet owners to independent owner-operators. Through a series of documents, videos, and podcasts – which are updated regularly – Knowledge Dock will go over cost saving advice for running trucking businesses of all sizes. From emerging technology, new regulations, and billing practices, to emissions standards, tax incentives, and accounting, Bendix plans on helping drivers and fleet owners save time and money while learning on the road.

Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

Bendix plans on rolling out even more features in the near future. Knowledge Dock has ambitions to become the “go to” source for every aspect of the trucking industry. Whether a fleet needs to comply with new federal mandates, or an independent driver is looking for do-it-yourself help on maintenance in the shop, Knowledge Dock will cover it all. Knowledge Dock is available through the Bendix site It already has a wealth of information available, and plans on growing their library of available materials to keep drivers and fleet owners up to date with industry changes.