There has been an influx of young truckers signing up to drive for the trucking industry. The demographic, many with some military training and the ability to handle commercial vehicles, are being considered as the remedy for the lack of drivers across the trucking industry. Young truckers currently operate under a number of state and federal restrictions. However, legislation being proposed in New York is currently aiming to remove the laws that prevent young truckers from making hauls across the country.

Young Truckers And State Lines

Current laws restrict the driving radius young truckers can cover. Drivers in the age group of 18 to 21 are not legally allowed to cross state lines when hauling goods. Throughout the country, this restricts fleets, forcing young drivers to make local and regional hauls, while placing a higher burden on older driver to take shipments between states. New York congresswoman Claudia Tenney recently introduced legislation which will remove those restrictions. The Waiving Hindrances to Economic Enterprise and Labor Act, or WHEEL, will allow young truckers to take shipments across state lines.

Deregulation For A Better Economy

Taking steps to remove the restrictions on young truckers is part of a larger push to deregulate the trucking industry. Currently, shipments originating in New York rarely stay within the state. The next point on the route is usually New Jersey, Pennsylvania, or one of the states in New England. By removing these restrictions, fleets and independent owner operators between the ages of 18 and 21 will be able to make deliveries and bolster the productivity of the industry as a whole. On a personal level, the legislation would allow young truckers to generate more revenue for themselves. In an industry that still pays by the mile, having the ability to take shipments across state lines translates to larger paychecks for drivers, so everyone from the customer to the fleet to the truckers will benefit. Currently the WHEEL Act is focused on recruiting young drivers with military training, because recent studies have shown this demographic has the appropriate training and sense of responsibility to handle commercial vehicles.

Two Birds With One Stone

By lifting the regulations on young truckers, and recruiting experienced people with military training, the trucking industry can solve two problems at one. First, young drivers will be able to make longer hauls, and take the burden off of older drivers. This can free up a number of resources for fleets. Second, the WHEEL Act could stimulate the trucking industry with a new wave of drivers to make up for the workforce gap which has continued throughout 2017.

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