MarketFIT, from Express Freight, is the first tool of its kind that allows carriers to use data to quickly identify the most favorable and competitive freight markets in the US.

All of our clients have access to in-depth dashboards on over 125 markets across the US and countless lanes between these markets.

MarketFIT Platform Overview

Here is an overview of the MarketFIT platform provided by Dan Hadley, CEO of Express Freight Finance.

If it’s your first time here, we encourage you to have a watch to see how powerful this data can be when you put it to work inside your business.

Now, let’s see a snapshot of live data from this week to give you an upper hand as you plan your routes and negotiate rates. Reach out to us at 877.807.3006, if you’re interested in getting access to the full platform.

Market Highlight: Cedar Rapids, IA

This week, Cedar Rapids, IA stands out as the Top Gainer, boasting a remarkable 5.11 FIT Score surge. It’s indicative of the growing momentum as we transition from late-November into December. Explore these significant updates on the map and gain valuable insights into the evolving market trends.

What this means for carriers

  • Trucks heading to Cedar Rapids might find it easier to secure inbound freight, as the current volume of inbound tenders exceeds the outbound freight in this area.
  • Contracted freight, despite facing rejection rates above national averages, is presenting promising opportunities for available freight in the short-term spot market.

Market Snapshot: Peak Season Movement

This week, we’re seeing the overall market up from recent highs a few weeks ago.

The US MarketFIT score, sitting at 3.46, has begun to level off as we continue into late November but continues a gradual upward trend.

We will be watching this number closely as we continue into peak season to see how it moves over the next few weeks.

Lane Rates: Upward Movement in the Southwest 

This week, a wave of positive developments sweeps across the U.S., originating notably from Southern California and Texas, gaining momentum as it surges into the Northeast from Illinois. These emerging trends echo the patterns observed in last week’s update, indicating a consistent trajectory of growth coming out of these areas.

Carriers traveling Southwest routes this week should anticipate encountering slightly improved rates in vital lanes.

We’ll keep an eye out to determine if these key markets continue to move in the right direction.

Load Availability & Lane Rates Dashboard

Available to all of our clients is a load board integrated directly into MarketFIT that not only shows you the rates but also helps you find the best available loads quickly.

Below is a highlight of what that data looks like across key markets.

We have data in MarketFIT on 135 critical markets across the entire United States.

You can learn more about MarketFIT and request a demo by visiting our site.