A short while ago, the trucking industry was worried due to a decline in jobs across the board. However, as of last week, there has been a major turnaround with over ten thousand trucking jobs added to the roster.

Where We Were

At the start of 2017, the trucking industry was having a hard time finding qualified employees for positions ranging from drivers to mechanics, technicians, and even administrative positions. The fear was that this lack of qualified employees would cause high turnaround rates, or worse, a crunch on active drivers to carry and deliver more than usual. Extrapolations were pointing to possibly having to increase prices for customers, and the backlash of a reduction in business. Trucking jobs were cut by six percent, and every feared this was the start of a downward spiral.

Trucking Jobs On The Horizon

At the end of February, the trucking industry added 10,600 jobs. These trucking jobs were not created as some sort of incentive. In fact, the increased payroll for trucking jobs across the United States is in anticipation of things to come. With growth in construction, manufacturing, and goods-producing companies, there is great news on the horizon for the trucking industry. All of these products and materials will need to be delivered to destinations throughout the country, hence the need for expand the roster of trucking jobs.

Not A Zero Sum Game

The drive to fill all of these trucking jobs is not just to get the industry back to where it was. Revenues are going to increase by leaps and bounds over the next year. All industries that rely on on the trucking industry as part of their logistics strategy, or simply to connect customers and distributors with source businesses, are ramping up with a very positive economic outlook. While the individual private consumer is still a big question mark, the business-to-business markets are poised for growth and expansion. The trucking industry, because it is an integral to these markets, is similarly positioned to grow over the upcoming year, and for years to come. The news about the increase in the number of trucking jobs in the United States is very strong economic indicator.

As new economic news and trends come to the forefront, Express Freight Finance will keep readers up to date. In the meantime, it looks like the worry is over and future is bright for trucking jobs, and the industry as a whole.