The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, CES 2017, is typically used to show off the latest gadgets and gizmos emerging on the market in the next year. However, the trucking industry took the stage with innovations in self-driving vehicles, apps for independent drivers, and of technological advances.

Peloton Reveals Innovations For The Trucking Industry

Peloton unveiled “platoon trucking,” which involves self-driving groups of trucks which are radar-based for drivers. This technology involves a lead driver, but it also means that, sometime in the future, the trucking industry will be able to deliver large loads, or stacked deliveries to one or multiple customers without placing the burden on many drivers. Peloton introduced adaptive controls and remote communication between vehicles to navigate a group of trucks to one or various destinations.

Nvidia And The Trucking Industry

Nvidia has been a leader in the graphics processing industry for a long time. At CES 2017, Nvidia announced a partnership with Audi. They unveiled an AI copilot application which alerts drivers of not only road hazards, but symptoms of distracted driving in surrounding vehicles. This is critical to the safety of those in the trucking industry, who cannot calculate the variables of other drivers on the road. Nvidia’s announcement made a huge impact on the trucking industry at CES 2017.

Security For The Trucking Industry At CES 2017

At CES 2017, FEV North America announced a partnership with GlobalSign, Infineon, and Karamba Security. With an increased reliance on digital inter-connectivity, along with the upcoming advent of self-driving trucks, security is at the forefront of everyone’s minds. With GPS, traffic announcements, re-routing, independent pickups, et al, there is an increasing chance for hacking and hijacking from external entities. Network security has been an escalating concern as of late, and FEV North America want to ensure connected and safe information and communication for the trucking industry, moving forward.

From CES 2017 To The Future

Most of that was shown at CES 2017 will not be fully implemented or accessible to the trucking industry at large until 2020, at the earliest. However, this offers fleet owners and independent driver a window to make contingency plans, as well as rack up the working capital to buy into these technologies when they become available. CES 2017 showed a brave new world for the trucking industry, in the years to come.