Statistically, drivers have more health issues than almost any other group of professionals, and even more alarming, they also have shorter lifespans. This isn’t too hard to fathom, since the job is characterized by very little exercise, working areas that are usually cramped and sometimes not very hygienic, and all kinds of problems resulting from diesel fumes.

The only saving grace about all this is that truck driving conditions have been extensively studied, and there is a whole encyclopedia of available information on how to prevent the worst effects from the profession. Here are some of the best things you can do for yourself as a truck driver, to avoid the negative effects from your chosen lifestyle:

  • Cut out the fat – all those fatty foods like hamburgers, doughnuts, and French fries may be convenient meal options on the road, but they’re far from healthy. Saturated fats from many of these foods are known to block your arteries and lead to heart conditions, as well as causing drivers to be overweight.
  • Load up on fruits and veggies – this should be part of your everyday regimen, because fruits and veggies are loaded with vitamins and minerals, and they also contribute to the digestive process. Substitute fruits and veggies every time you feel like you need a candy bar or a doughnut.
  • No energy drinks – driving the long haul can certainly lead a driver to want to ingest something that provides a quick burst of energy, but studies show that prolonged usage of energy drinks are bad for your body. Instead, whenever possible get fresh air, take a quick walk somewhere, and get as much rest as you can.
  • Watch your weight – figure out what the ideal weight is for your body size and type (or consult a physician who can help you), and try to stay close to that figure. If you can keep near the ideal weight for your body type, it will be much easier on your joints, your heart, and all your body’s organs.
  • Relax – whatever it is that works best for you to unwind, make sure you do it after every workday, so that both mind and body can de-stress and enjoy complete relaxation at the end of a day’s labor.