Are you a new truck driver or hoping to break into the transportation industry?  Here are ten helpful success tips from experienced truck drivers who know this business.

  1. Befriend Your Dispatcher.Your dispatcher should be your new best friend.  Often, they control who gets choice loads, which equals money in your pocket.
  2. Cook Your Own Meals.Just because you are on the road doesn’t mean that you have to eat roadside diner food. You can prepare meals at home and heat them up in a crock pot in your truck.
  3. Don’t Turn Down a Load.Never refuse a load because you think that it’s too small or going to an undesirable location.  By taking every job, you demonstrate dedication and could end up with some choice loads at your next destination.
  4. Stay in Shape.Sitting most of the day can be a recipe for poor health.  Commit to staying in shape by exercising in short bursts a few times a day and keeping to a healthy diet.
  5. Stay Safe!Always pay extra attention to safety when loading and unloading. Get out and look before backing up, as that extra minute could prevent a potential disaster.
  6. Respect the Safety Department.Your company’s safety department may seem overly cautious and overbearing, but safety is important and accidents can put a company out of business.  Remember that you are all on the same team!
  7. Know Your Company.Get to know everything about the company that you are driving for and its various positions.  There might be other divisions of the company that interest you as a career choice or that can help you expand your skills.
  8. Hard Work Pays Off.Your ultimate success in truck driving is going to depend on how much work you put into the job.  If you are putting in extra effort, it will always be noticed and rewarded.
  9. Get Professional Training First.Always obtain professional truck driver training first and the Over the Road (OTR) experience will take care of itself.
  10. Always Be on Time!Drivers that are on time and meet or exceed their deadlines are the most successful.  Learn to manage your pickup and drop off schedules like a pro.