MarketFIT, from Express Freight, is the first tool of its kind that allows carriers to use data to quickly identify the most favorable and competitive freight markets in the US.

All of our clients have access to in-depth dashboards on over 125 markets across the US and countless lanes between these markets.

This is a snapshot of live data from the week of 8.28.23 to give you an upper hand as you plan your routes and negotiate rates. Reach out to us if you’re interested in getting access to the full platform.

Spokane has experienced this week’s largest market improvement, with the FIT Score increasing 5.8 points from the previous week.

What this means for carriers

  • Carriers inbound to Spokane may find an easier time finding outbound freight relative to other markets as outbound tenders currently exceed inbound freight volume. 
  • Tender rejections of contracted freight are above national averages, indicating more freight may be available on the sports market in the short term. 

Lane Pricing Updates

Here are the key lanes that have improved over the last week across the country. There’s a good mix of modest lane improvements across the Midwest and Southeast this week.

Top Weekly Gainers

Lane Rates Dashboards

MarketFIT further breaks down the average by carrier type in between any two markets on the platform. Some of the most positive movements in lane rates are in the midwest this week between Michigan, Ohio, and Kentucky, as well as lanes in the upper east, including to and from Boston.

If you have the chance to head into or out of any of these markets, you should see slightly higher rates as you head into the weekend.

Full Market Dashboard

When you look across the key markets in the US, we’re still seeing a lot of red heading into the final official weekend of summer.

The overall median FIT score continues to rise modestly from its recent lows in June, signaling that hopefully, we’re continuing to see conditions in the market improve.

Be safe this weekend and we’ll provide our next update the first week of September.