When people think of first responders in a crisis, firefighters, police, and healthcare workers immediately come to mind. In our current climate with the COVID-19 pandemic, we need to recognize that truckers are on the front lines, providing goods and products to people and companies that need them most.

First Responders to Consumers

The current reality started months ago, and people were self-isolating as far back as late February and early March. This caused a sharp decline in the number of people who were going out and shopping for food and other necessities.

However, people still needed those items, and with outlier situations like “panic purchasing,” stores still needed products. Despite the uncertainty, truckers kept supply chains strong to deliver everything from food to toilet paper to stores so private citizens could remain fed and clean during the pandemic.

Even as we approach our peak rate of infection, truckers are the first responders we should all be looking to for their commitment during a crisis.

Truckers and the Healthcare Industry

You cannot watch, read, or listen to the news without learning about the need for medical supplies and equipment to diagnose and treat infected patients on top of day-to-day healthcare procedures. Truckers are an integral part of our country’s strategy to flatten the curve.

Masks, ventilators, PPR, medication, basic DME, and more need to get to hospitals and clinics as soon as possible, and truckers are answering the call.

Our medical professionals cannot properly treat patients and slow the rate of infection without proper medical equipment and supplies, which is why we are all relying on truckers to keep rolling to give the healthcare sector what it needs.

The Economy

There have been a number of economic disruptions since the first few cases of COVID-19. The stock market has been a roller coaster, and businesses are trying to remain stable as we all adapt and fight an invisible enemy.

The trucking industry, as the foundation of our economy, has responded in force to help businesses continue transactions during adverse conditions. Analysts at the top are reporting that for the US economy to pull through this crisis, we are going to need to look to fleet drivers and owner-operators alike to make it a success.

Express Freight Finance would like to salute truckers, the often-overlooked first responders that keep our country moving forward.