Express Freight Finance offers freight factoring to help truck drivers and trucking companies that factor freight to get paid faster. Instant Pay makes it even faster.

Introducing Instant Pay

Instant Pay is a new service offered by Express Freight Finance that allows owner-operators and other trucking companies that factor freight to get paid instantly, and we mean instantly. Traditional invoice payment can take between 30-45 days. Express Freight Financing freight factoring cuts the wait down to 3-4 days. Instant Pay means you get paid, well, instantly.

Breakdowns and unexpected expenses happen. With Instant Pay, you can get the money you need to deal with them and get back on the road.

How Does Instant Pay Work?

It’s so easy. Send invoices through our mobile app or client portal, then once the invoice is approved funds are immediately transferred to your card. From there, you can do what you want with your money.

Setting up Instant Pay is super easy, especially if you’re already an Express Freight Finance customer. Reach out to one of our representatives to get set up started, activate your account, receive card(s) in the mail, and start submitting your invoices for easy access to fast cash.

How Does Instant Pay Benefit Drivers and Trucking Companies that Factor?

There are several clear-cut benefits to getting paid instantly for each load.

Instant Pay Offers Instant Cash Flow

Cash flow is critical for small trucking companies and owner-operators since there’s not typically a huge cash reserve to draw from if something goes wrong.

Getting paid instantly means cash flow is no longer an issue. You get paid for each load that gets run as you submit the invoice, no waiting and no wondering when that money will hit your account.

Instantly have the money you need to deal with repairs, fuel up, pay drivers and dispatchers, or pay bills.

It’s A Quick and Easy to Get Paid

Instant Pay makes it fast and simple to get paid. It only requires three steps, and you don’t even have to take one of them:

  1. Submit your invoice via the Express Freight Financing app or client portal.
  2. Your invoice is processed and approved.
  3. Use your money how you want.

Instant Pay is Affordable with No Transaction Fees

With Instant Pay, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to get paid early. As a part of Instant Pay subscription, you don’t pay transfer fees. With those transfer fees costing up to $30 each, Instant Pay makes perfect sense as a business investment that offers ROI almost immediately.

You Can Do What You Want with Your Money

Instant Pay goes beyond simple freight factoring, giving you control of your money instantly. You can use your money directly from the Instant Pay card anywhere you use a regular debit or credit card, transfer funds to another account, get cash out of the ATM, link your card to leading payment services like Google Pay or Apple Pay and spend from there, or pay people using just a phone number. You can also instantly transfer funds to your fuel card directly from the app.

Your Money is Safe with Instant Pay

We work with Stripe, a leading payment processing company to securely process each Instant Pay payment. Because we chose our payment partner well, every transaction is FDIC insured.

Want Instant Pay? Here’s How You Can Get It.

If you want to learn more or get signed up for Instant Pay today, simply reach out to an Express Freight Finance representative here.