Idling trucks has become a built-in expense to fleets. Idling trucks can cost fleets upwards of $4,000 each year. That is not an overall figure, that is $4,000 for each fleet. One company, Idle Smart, is offering a subscription service which aims to reduce idling trucks and save fleets lots of money, annually.

Why Idling Trucks?

Idling trucks is often overlooked by both fleets and drivers alike. Idling is considered a comfort expense. When drivers leave their cabs to go grab something at a store, they usually leave the engine running. When drivers sleep in their cabs, they usually leave the engine idling to get heat, AC, or to listen to music. For smaller fleets, the expense from idling trucks can really eat into finances.

Enter Idle Smart

Idle Smart will provide Software as a Service (SaaS) to fleet owners and even independent drivers to reduce the costs generated by idling trucks. The subscription based software will monitor things like temperature, air flow, fuel levels, battery charge, and more. In the case of overnight situations where drivers sleep in their cabs, Idle Smart will automatically turn on the engine and adjust the interior temperature if it gets too hot or too cold. Once the temperature has been reached, the software will once again turn off the engine to save money for the fleet. Much like exercise apps on a smartphone, Idle Smart uses metrics and monitoring to maintain the heart of the truck and reduce expenses for fleets.

This Is About Automation, Not Restrictions

Many drivers for fleets may view Idle Smart’s solution for idling trucks as a restriction on their day to day operations. Idle Smart is not trying to remove freedoms. The aim is to implement automation, and the result is savings. When most drivers leave their vehicles idling, it is a matter of convenience. It is easier to hop out of the cab to run into a place. It is obviously easier to keep the engine running while you sleep, instead of waking up every half hour to adjust the temperature. The drawback is how idling trucks cost fleets money in fuel and maintenance. Idle Smart is aiming to let their software take care of the mindfulness. Drivers do not have to worry about changing their behavior at all. Idle Smart’s SaaS will take care of everything. It’s like having an assistant in the cab, like a GPS or an E-Z Pass.

Idle Smart has formed a strong relationship with the EPA and aims to save up to 70 percent of overnight fuel costs generated by idling trucks.