The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is predicting a very active hurricane season. For drivers along coastal roads, increased weather activity during hurricane season means taking extra precautions between no and November.

Download A Storm Tracking App For Hurricane Season

The average hurricane season sees roughly 12 tropical storms with names (Arlene, Bret, and Cindy are the first three on the list). This year, we are expected to see 17 tropical storms, and we do not know how many of those will grow into full-sized hurricanes, or where they will land. Fortunately, there are a number of mobile apps that truckers can download to track hurricanes to steer clear of danger. Hurricane Tracker is still one of the top-rated apps for tracking storms, along with the reliable NOAA app. If you keep your routes local, you might want to see if your new station has an app to help you track storms.

Be Aware Of Road Congestion

Bad weather always makes for bad driving conditions. Hurricane season is a bit more severe. Whether an official announcement is made or not, some people are prone to evacuating cities when a hurricane is about to make landfall. In southern states, evacuations are not uncommon, and they can cause traffic to grind to a halt. People are in a rush, which can sometimes make other drivers more unpredictable and dangerous than high winds and debris. Take extra care to monitor the vehicles around you when driving your truck in storm conditions.

Closed Roads

While we’re on the subject of traffic conditions during hurricane season, keep up to date on the latest detours and closed roads. It is not uncommon for roads to be closed, even before a storm hits, to ensure people are not driving near rising water levels, or over bridges that can wash out. Find a radio channel or mobile app to keep you up to date on the latest detours, and plan for alternate routes.

Do Not Push Things

Yes, loads need to be delivered on time. Yes the value of a shipment can be extremely expensive. Your truck is valuable. All of those things can be replaced. Your life cannot. If you know you are going to be hauling shipments near the path of a hurricane, figure out where you can stop for lodging that is outside of the radius. Calling it an early trip until things literally blow over can save your truck, your shipment, and most importantly, your life.