When you ask small business owners what’s important to them, most will tell you: cash flow, coming up with ways to reduce business expenses, and more efficient ways to operate their business.

Running a trucking business is no different. Cash is king, and where owners get it from matters a lot.

However, this is a big problem for many small to midsize trucking companies. Many shippers or brokers will pay truckers net 30 or net 45.

Trucking companies simply cannot wait for the 30 to 45 days it takes to get their money out of hauling a load. They need it immediately to pay drivers, pay for fuel, and keep their trucks in tip-top shape.

There are many limitations to optimizing cash flow on your own. Improvements can be made that will benefit your business, and working with a factoring partner can make these optimizations even easier.

The benefits of working with a freight factor you trust.

Offloading items that take up necessary family time and work-life balance, is just one of the benefits. Along with this, you’ll notice:

Access to funds the same day you complete your loads.

Waiting 45 days to get paid simply isn’t an option for many truckers. You should be able to get fast and easy access to your cash from completed loads, as well as a rock-solid business partner that can bring you peace of mind.

Business tools that make your life easier.

A good factoring partner will have tools and expertise that help you with everything you need, not just same-day cash.

Discounts to reduce your business expenses.

Look for a partner that has discounts on everything you need, such as fuel and tires.

Ease and Peace of Mind is something all small business owners should be able to achieve.

The key in general is finding the right partner. They should’ve walked miles in your shoes and deeply understand what it takes to make that ride easier.

Here’s how we work with small to midsize trucking companies and independent truckers:

We can get you your funds in 30–40 minutes. Simply select “wire” for your funding method, and once your load paperwork is processed, disbursed funds show up in your account 30 to 40 minutes after we initiate the wire.

Fuel cards to reduce expenses. Add our fuel cards to reduce expenses, and with your increased revenue and reduced expenses, you will maximize your bottom line.

Funds are immediately available in your fuel account. Have an EFF fuel card? Just tell us to disburse your funds to your fuel account. As soon as we hit the “go” button, the cash is immediately in your account and available.

Intelligent tools to help you succeed. Great tools like our MarketIntel report and Load Profitability Calculator can help maximize your loaded miles.

In the long run, you can get cheap factoring and your business can still fail. But with a partner like EFF, our product and service offerings, and our commitment to helping you succeed, your chances for success just went up exponentially.

EFF – helping you become smarter by the mile.