Driving those long miles on the open road can get lonely, and having a dog along not only relieves the boredom, but also ensures that you have an amiable companion. However, some dog breeds travel better than others. Here are some of the best canine companions for truckers.


Bulldogs make ideal road animals because they are compact in size, do not shed excessively and require a minimal amount of exercise. The American Kennel Club notes that their stability, kindness, courage and dignity give them the patience and tenacity to endure long hours traveling without complaint. Bulldogs are a healthy breed for the most part, but they prefer temperate to cold climates rather than desert heat.


Although larger and more alert than bulldogs, boxers share the advantage of short hair that does not shed much. Their loyalty and strength make them excellent dog breeds for guards and traveling companions. However, because of their restlessness and energy, they may require frequent exercise stops.

Pit Bulls

Pit bulls, like boxers, are strong, alert and short-haired, and make great guards. They are also renowned for their loyalty. However, they are active and need lots of exercise, and some motels may have rules against admitting pit bulls.

Toy Breeds

Toy dog breeds such as miniature Dobermans, Pomeranians and Chihuahuas are comparatively easy to care for. Most restaurants and motels do not object to their presence. However, their size makes them unfit for cold climates.

Older Dogs

Older dogs have the complacency and training to endure long road treks more easily than puppies and younger dogs. They are generally housebroken and require less attention and exercise.

Regardless of the dog breed you choose as your road buddy, familiarize your companion with your vehicle before embarking on a long road trek. Be sure your dog is up to date on vet checkups and has the necessary tags. Pack medication when you head into tick and flea territory, and plan ahead to stay in pet-friendly motels.