Trucking fleets need to run like a well-oiled machine to maximize efficiency without placing a burden on the human part of the equation. Having the ability to automate business operations can reduce the strain on drivers, back office staff, and overall wear and tear on vehicles. As one of the most technologically integrated industries, truckers and fleet owners can automate business operations without breaking their budgets.


Many fleet owners and independent drivers are making the shift to cloud based accounting to help automate business operations. Many cloud based accounting services offer inexpensive subscriptions which can be customized to fit any business needs. It is safe, secure, and there are always backup records available, in case your own computers or personal devices crash. Additionally, cloud based accounting services can integrate with business and personal bank accounts, tax software, and even payroll services to help streamline business operations.


Business operations have just increased with access to apps which allow to arranging pickups and deliveries without having to spend lots of time and resources courting new clients. In a sense, this can potentially double business growth for owner operators and fleets, alike. With a few taps of the finger, a driver can find a new delivery from their current location without having to drive back home, or wait for orders from headquarters. The trucking business is becoming even more fast-paced, and technology is providing the solutions to keep revenue coming in, regardless of the size of business operations.

Customer Payments

Waiting on customer payments is old news. Apart from being an outmoded business model, waiting on staggered payments on customer accounts can place a big strain on cash flow. Freight bill factoring automates business operations by getting payment within 24 hours of a delivery. Now independent drivers and fleet owners can keep a steady cash flow by getting paid shortly after deliveries are made, instead of waiting 30 days or longer to see payments. Freight bill factoring is perhaps the biggest change in how truckers and fleet owners do business in today’s competitive economy.

Automate Business Operations With Freight Bill Factoring

At Express Freight Finance, we strive to help truckers and fleet owners stay one step ahead of the game. Our freight bill factoring services help automate business operations, while also freeing up capital tied up in unsettled customer accounts. Contact our offices today to learn more.