Attracting and retaining drivers has been a regular challenge for trucking companies in the Untied States. To counteract the high turnover rates, trucking companies are taking a different approach to attract new employees to improve retention rates and expand the driver pool.

Target New Demographics to Grow Your Driver Pool

Since the driver shortage a few years ago, the trucking industry has seen an influx of drivers from diverse demographics to fill in the gaps. Women currently comprise over eight percent of the driver pool nationwide. Sikhs helped to fill in major gaps in the period as well.

By targeting a wider range of demographics, trucking companies can grow the driver pool and help close any major gaps when demand from shippers is high.

A New Approach to Recruiting Drivers

How trucking companies recruit can impact the quantity and quality of applicants they receive. By leveraging social media and other online platforms, trucking companies can cast a much wider net.

With targeted posts, fleets can dial in on specific demographics and skill sets to meet an industry that is becoming more technologically advanced every year.

The new truckers coming into the driver pool will need to be flexible and able to adapt to not only changes in technology but policies as well.

Social media and online connections also allow fleets to partner with driving schools to advance recruiting efforts instead of waiting for potential drivers to apply for jobs.

Focus on Driver Retention

Bringing new people into the driver pool is only part of the equation. Trucking companies need to figure out a way to retain drivers, and there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all.

Some drivers respond to better starting pay. Others like benefits. Some fleets are introducing incentives, prizes, and bonuses based on driver report cards and fuel consumption.

There are creative ways to improve driver retention and build a cohesive and inclusive company culture for the driver pool.

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