Over the past year, truck drivers have increased mobile phone usage by nearly 60 percent. The increase in usage is not due to actual calls, but rather that truckers are using mobile apps more frequently to make business run smoother. We have put together a short list of trucking apps that every driver should be using.

uShip Mobile

For independent owner operators, uShip Mobile allows truckers to line up their next job while on the road. Among the more powerful trucking apps, uShip Mobile gives truckers the ability to bid on shipment from customers, to eliminate down time between jobs. This mobile app takes advantage of GPS, so truckers can find shipments locally, and move onto the next paying job after a drop off.

Xata Turnpike

Xata Turnpike is one of the more data-driven trucking apps for drivers and fleet owners who like to work with metrics. Xata Turnpike turn smartphones and laptops into onboard recorders which keep track of time, miles, speed, hours of service, and other data. This allows drivers and fleet owners to analyze data in order to make deliveries, and business overall, more efficient.

Fuel Dawg

Fuel Dawg is one of the best mobile trucking apps for finding the best diesel prices in a given location. This app can help you or your fleet save lots of money per trip.


Zeen is quickly rising as one of the more comprehensive trucking apps. Zeen is supported by the community, and gives more than just locations for rest stops, toll booths, and weigh stations. Zeen also includes the latest traffic reports, police checkpoints, hazards, and much more. Because the app allows drivers up update information, Zeen offers frequently updated data, giving truckers real-time reports.


RoadHunter is a route plotting app designed specifically with truckers in mind. RoadHunter plots routes based on convenient locations for fuel, tolls, rest stops, and weight stations. Additionally, drivers can get detailed information such as the number of parking spaces at each area, and even quickly plot alternate routes in case of traffic, weather, or other hazards.

Trucker App

Trucker App is a fairly ingenious tool, among trucking apps. Like many trucking apps, this one is based around GPS, and is built around the driving community. If there are hazards or unexpected conditions, Trucker App allows drivers to warn others along the same route. These real-time updates are invaluable, and it helps to bring together drivers to help each other out.

What Are Your Favorite Trucking Apps?

Above are the trucking apps we recommend to drivers, but if we have missed any, please let us know.