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We are trucking people, with the experience and know-how to keep you moving

Dan Hadley

CEO, Express Freight Finance

Dan Hadley knows trucking – he comes from a trucking family. So Dan knows the challenges trucking companies face and what it takes to keep them moving. Dan knows there isn’t a one-size-fits all factoring product because factoring is not a product. At Express Freight Finance, factoring is a service.

In 2002, Dan started factoring for the trucking sector at Transportation Alliance Bank (TAB). As Portfolio Manager at TAB, he oversaw a freight bill factoring portfolio in excess of $100 million. In 2005, he moved to Summit Financial Resources. At Summit, he oversaw a portfolio in excess of $60 million across many industries, but based on his experience, Dan was always Summit’s go-to-guy for freight bill factoring. Dan now leads Express Freight Finance as CEO because he wanted to focus exclusively on one thing: “Bringing peace-of-mind to trucking clients.”

EFF launched with a committed capital base of more than $30 million. These funds make EFF well positioned to scale with the needs of all their clients. Express Freight Finance is backed by Adelphi Capital.

Brent Gottlieb

EVP Sales & Marketing at Express Freight Finance

Brent brings 17 years’ experience in sales management and new business development in transportation factoring. Brent’s in-depth understanding of both the customer’s working capital requirements and the credit and operational fundamentals of factoring have enabled him to successfully lead and manage the growth of substantial client portfolios, including at Phoenix Capital, DB Squared, and Olympic Credit Fund.

Brent has a 360 degree view of the entire factor-client relationship – he has been on both sides of the fence. In previous years, Brent was a truck driver hauling refer freight for a Denver-based carrier. And, prior to driving, he ran a truck driving school. His experience in transportation and factoring allows him to custom design the “right” program for all of our motor carrier and freight broker clients.

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Factoring At The Speed Of Your Business

• At Express Freight Finance, we get cash into your bank account in 24 hours.
• Our online account tools are easy to use and available 24/7/365.
• We offer fuel cards so that cash can also go directly to the pump — and at a discount on every gallon.
• We also offer fuel advances so you can get cash before there is an invoice.
• We move fast because this is factoring for trucking, and we respond at the speed of your business.

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