We are now into our second month after the ELD mandate went live. As of late January, Bloomberg and Truckstop published a Truckload Survey which showed some interesting numbers.

Truckload Survey Shows Non-Compliant Fleets

Overall, the Truckload Survey showed that 28 percent of truckers have not implemented ELDs. To put this into real numbers, this means that throughout the trucking industry in the United States, which totals roughly 3.1 million drivers, a little under 870,000 are not using electronic logging devices. The number of non-compliant drivers on the road is not necessarily enough to persuade lawmakers to abandon ELD legislation. In fact, we are expecting an unannounced grace period for everyone to get on track before they start handing out penalties to drivers and fleets who are not compliant with the ELD mandate.

April First Is Not For Fools

Starting on April of this year, trucks are going to be put out of service if they are not compliant with the ELD mandate. As of this article, and the Truckload Survey, no more extensions will be given. All truckers must use electronic logging devices which are FMCSA compliant. Purchasing a self-certified device no longer counts. When the FMCSA allowed manufacturers to make compliant ELDs, it opened the doors to businesses to sell “self-certified” electronic logging devices which do not meet the standards of the ELD mandate. To correct this, the FMCSA released a list of what an ELD should do in order to be considered compliant. The best way to ensure your ELD is compliant is to ask your vendor to demonstrate how their electronic logging devices work on each of the major points from the FMSCA list. Remember, starting in April, trucks will be placed out of service not only for being without ELDs, but for using non-compliant ELDs as well.

Getting On Board With Compliance

Back in August of 2017, we published a quick reference guide to help truckers and fleet owners find the right electronic logging devices. In October of last year, Express Freight Finance announced a partnership with KeepTruckin, manufacturers of the top-rated ELD at affordable prices. With less than two months before truckers and fleets start getting hit for not being compliant with the FMCSA mandate, the industry must use this time to install the necessary electronic logging devices.