Everyone has their own opinions on how to make trucking companies successful. The Trucking Carrier Association, however, has the data and metrics to analyze what makes certain trucking companies succeed and grow more profitably than others. At the recent TCA Convention, which focused on the future of the trucking industry, the TCA showed off a list of traits they found in common with successful trucking companies, according to their Profitability Program Index.

Streamlining Tasks

In today’s market, fleets are no selling trucking so much as they are driver services. If there are redundant tasks being performed, or data which is generated and never used, cut them out of the process. By reducing useless work, trucking companies can free up time and manpower to become more agile, and offer more useful services to their customers.

Trucking Companies Are Investing Differently

We are currently in an economic upswing. Many fleet owners usually use this additional revenue to purchase new equipment, and to reward themselves with a bonus or an extra vacation. The emerging leaders in the trucking industry are taking a different approach. In addition to equipment, they are also investing in software solutions, and training their drivers so they are prepared for the technological advances coming down the pipeline. The vacation can wait, because things are moving very rapidly right now, and fleet owners cannot afford to fall behind. If owners and their employees have the right technical training, major transitions and the use of new tech will go a lot smoother.

Work On Your Business

There is nothing wrong with company owners rolling up their sleeves and getting their hands dirty with everyone else. That can give a good perspective on certain inefficiencies and how to correct them. However, staying in the trenches keeps owners from developing strategies and growing operations. Dedicate time to the higher level decisions, analyzing the competition, customer trends, and other facets of the business. Otherwise, fleet owners are in danger of getting lost in the forest because all they can see are the trees.

Listen To Ideas

Trucking companies are full of very smart people, and they aren’t always at the top. Just like owners should focus on the high level strategies, your employees can see what’s happening on the floor. Take time to listen to their ideas on how to make things run more efficiently and safer, and reward those who have good ideas on how to make the company better.

Successful Trucking Companies Are Always Improving

While it is great to have those lofty long-term goals, company owners need to improve constantly in order to reach those important milestones. Even if it is just by a single percent, try to do something that improves your trucking company every day.