At the end of May, Minnesota classified truckers as “Essential Workers.” The truth is that truckers have always been essential workers, regardless of state rulings. Truckers are more than essential – they are crucial to weathering every adversity our country faces.

Essential Workers and Homeland Security

One might not think of the Department of Homeland Security as having much to do with the trucking industry, but a recent memo places truckers at center stage. Employees who work in critical infrastructure industries, such as health care, pharmaceuticals, and food supply, have a responsibility to maintain their work schedules.

The trucking industry transports construction and waste materials, transports medical supplies and equipment, and maintains supply chains to keep Americans fed. In short, truckers are classified as essential workers and have been around for decades.

It would be impossible to meet the needs of municipal agencies and our citizens from coast to coast if truckers were considered anything but essential. A good part of the reason we have weathered our current adversities to date is because truckers are committed to hauling the goods needed by every sector.

If law enforcement, construction, and telecommunications are essential to our infrastructure, then it stands to reason that the trucking industry is integral to maintaining many aspects of the United States.

Moving Forward

Through economic slumps, health risks, changes in legislation, new equipment, and overhauled practices, the trucking industry has proved for more than a century that drivers are essential workers. Truckers deserve recognition from everyone for being on the front lines, no matter what.

While we all hope for a quick recovery so everyone can get back to business as usual, we all have to remember that truckers have been keeping our country’s economy and infrastructure going even in the darkest times.

Without truckers, our medical professionals would not have the necessary equipment and supplies to take care of our sick loved ones. Without truckers, the shelves at the grocery stores would never be replenished.

At Express Freight Finance, we want to thank truckers for always being essential workers.