We have discussed the health risks facing today’s truckers on this blog, but the trucking industry is going one step further. While it used to be the sole responsibility of drivers to look out for their own health, many carriers are starting trucker wellness programs. So far, driver wellness programs have big payoffs for both fleet owners and their employees.

What Are Trucker Wellness Programs?

Trucker wellness programs teach drivers about potential risks to their health and create an environment where carrier employees support and look out for one another. The fact is that truckers lead very sedentary careers. The long hours of being on the road do always leave drivers near places to find healthier eating options, so picking up something fast is usually the “go to” meal purchases. Obesity, heart disease, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, and more are all prevalent in the trucking industry, and instituting a trucker wellness program can help many drivers avoid these health risks.

Trucker Wellness Programs Benefit Carriers

The trucking industry is facing a massive shortage of drivers, and it is becoming harder to recruit new long-term truckers. Even with that shortage, the trucking industry is still meeting the demands of shippers across the country. If we just go by the numbers, it would only make sense for carriers to invest in trucker wellness programs to ensure the longevity of their existing drivers. Scouting, recruiting, and training a driver can cost upwards of $7,000. For a similar cost, a carrier can implement a trucker wellness program and get the ongoing return of a healthier fleet of drivers. Maintaining productivity while making your drivers healthier can keep your fleet moving for years when compared to the monetary risks of trying to recruit drivers who may leave after a few months. Additionally, younger truckers are actually more likely to sign on with carriers who care about the well-being of their employees. A trucker wellness programs can be leveraged as a recruiting tool.

With more drivers entering retirement, and others nearing the last decade of their careers, having a healthy workforce can keep the trucking industry rolling while younger drivers come into the fold. A trucker wellness program can go a long way towards maintaining and growing the industry.