What is Digital Freight Matching?

Digital freight matching (DFM) apps use load,  carrier data, and algorithms to match carriers to freight that fits their needs, helping shippers and brokers get their loads covered by qualified carriers and carriers find the loads they need to keep their trucks moving. 

Digital freight matching platforms may be found on a web-based or smartphone application and can connect shippers and carriers directly. The goal of freight matching is to speed up the load booking process from both ends while everyone gets a rate that works for them.

Here are the best apps for digital freight matching on the market today.

Direct Freight

Direct Freight is a free load board with premium features like a profit calculator, rate data, and a mileage calculator. Carriers can search for loads in their preferred lanes and post available while shippers and brokers can post loads and search for available trucks.

Express Freight Finance customers get access to premium load boards with digital matching features through our partnership with Direct Freight. Want to learn more about it? Reach out to our sales team at (801) 797-5477 with inquiries.


DAT’s DAT One load board provides digital matching services to help carriers and shippers/brokers connect directly via web or mobile app. Rather than posting to a load board and waiting for results, shippers/brokers can obtain ideal carrier matches and reach out directly, streamlining the booking process since carriers can accept loads directly through DAT’s platform.

Uber Freight

When you think of the digitalization of transportation in general, Uber certainly comes to mind. Their ridesharing and delivery apps have revolutionized transportation on a personal scale, and Uber Freight had a similar effect on the freight industry. Uber Freight’s digital matching app is one of the original digital freight platforms and is used by countless large shippers to find the right carriers for their loads.

Trucker Tools

Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching services go along with their load board to provide both shippers and carriers with a more streamlined booking experience. Their digital matching platform allows shippers to seek out carriers with availability and the appropriate equipment to haul their load and reach out directly.


Convoy was one of the first digital freight networks and they’ve maintained their toe-hold in the market as more digital matching solutions have emerged. They match available carriers to shippers’ loads, reducing empty miles and therefore the cost of doing business.  By easily finding loads that meet the carrier’s needs on Convoy’s matching platform, they can keep their trucks moving efficiently.


PostBidShip is an automated freight matching platform that allows shippers to post loads and carriers to bid on those loads. The automated matching part of this platform comes into play through automated awarding of loads, essentially sifting through bids for shippers to give the load to the best matched, best priced carrier. This platform provides automation for both shippers and carriers to streamline the load booking process through the entire freight cycle.

Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Digital Freight Matching App

Ease of Use

A digital freight matching app should be easy to use. The best apps are intuitive in design and don’t require carriers or shippers/brokers to step far beyond normal workflows to get loads booked.

Networking Opportunities

A good digital freight matching app should have a large pool of potential carriers and plenty of loads to go around. In an ideal world, a successful collaboration on a load between shipper and carrier could turn into a mutually beneficial business relationship.

Real-Time Pricing

The best freight matching programs will provide both shippers and carriers with pricing and lane data that allows them to make smart business decisions based on the current freight market.

Tracking Capabilities

Most digital freight matching services not only match carriers to freight; they also help shippers and carriers communicate as the load is delivered. These tracking capabilities increase visibility and reduce unnecessary phone calls and emails for both shippers and brokers.

Reporting Features

Many digital freight matching apps can offer data-driven insights and reporting features to help both shippers and carriers make smarter business decisions. Express Freight also offers data insights in conjunction with the Direct Freight Load board which helps them reduce deadhead miles and choose the best lanes. To find out more call us at (801) 797-5477.