The holiday season always brings a spike in retail commerce. Despite doom and gloom projections this year, the trucking industry is also experiencing growth, and the spike is once again coming from e-commerce.

Shopping and Growth

While the economic outlook for 2019 was cautious, Black Friday saw consumers spending 19 percent more than in 2018, for a total of $7.4 billion. Data is still coming in regarding Cyber Monday, but projections are hovering around an additional $9 billion.

With more purchases being made from online retailers, spot market trucking and LTL freight are also experiencing growth, as they are receiving most of the demands to deliver goods to households. Major retailers also experienced big sales, but shippers are not making a mad rush like they were a year ago.

Can seasonal growth indicate a trend?

The end of 2019 is showing growth in retail and certain trucking sectors, but taking additional information from that to show trends going into 2020 is difficult. The number of purchases on Black Friday indicates increased consumer confidence.

The trucking industry is more reserved, especially after the artificially high demand placed on capacity trucks last year, which had many carriers positioned for growth in 2019 that never came to fruition. If anything, the end of 2019 will allow the trucking industry to make up lost ground and get more stable footing at the start of 2020.

Those carriers looking for growth opportunities in the new year might want to wait until all the revenue from the last quarter is in and accounted for.

Speeding Up Year-End Revenue

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