With the trucking industry trying to resolve issues with a shortage of drivers and capacity demands, people are scrambling for solutions. We have seen everything from proposals to increase pay to forcing legislation to hire teenagers, and even some trying to speed up self-driving trucks. However, if there is an extra burden being placed on the trucking industry, it’s from shippers – and we should be looking to and working with shippers to help overcome these obstacles.

Driver Retention Starts with Shippers

Truckers are sent to pick up and deliver shipments. This is a basic function. When there is poor communication from shippers to fleets and drivers, truckers can be stuck waiting for an inordinate amount of time while goods are being loaded. Keep in mind that the time spent waiting in overcrowded parking lots is burning away hours of service, and the electronic logging device is monitoring everything. Some truckers can’t even travel for an hour or two on the road before having to call it a day, thanks to the ELD mandate.

Shippers Can Make Things More Efficient

Drivers obviously have a more frontline view of what the trucking industry is experiencing. How drivers are treated by shippers can mean the difference between getting goods to their destinations on time, and having schedules delayed. Having people at the ready when a driver pulls in to load and unload shipments can make things more efficient. Communicating delays or workforce shortages can help drivers adjust their schedules. Lead time for deliveries and pickups can help drivers and fleet owners streamline schedules. Even something as simple as providing restroom or breakroom access during a delivery or pick up can cut down on time spent looking for relief during road hours.

Rethink Payment Schedules

Shippers typically have 30 days or longer to pay on invoices. The lag due to staggered payment schedules places a strain on cash flow for fleets, and can sometimes delay payment to drivers. While shippers often adhere to standard business practices, trucking companies and owner-operators are using freight load factoring services to speed up payments to get their hard-earned revenue faster. Having quick access to revenue from open invoices allows the trucking industry to meet overhead expenses and grow in this high-demand economy.

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