The demand for oil truckers has been on the rise this winter, but the reason has little to do with an unusually cold season or storms along the southern states. The production of petroleum, petroleum products, and oil prices in general are improving, so the need for oil truckers is in high demand.

Texas Is In Need Of Oil Truckers

Despite a number of setbacks from last year’s hurricane Harvey, Texas has bounced back and is producing oil at a better rate than it was in recent years. The jury is still out on whether the rate of production with lower fuel expenses for the trucking industry. However, this new boom in oil production has made it very clear that more oil truckers are needed to make deliveries. In fact, many oil producers are desperate to find truckers to make deliveries.

A Shortage Of Drivers

Now more than ever, the shortage in available drivers is being felt by one of our most important domestic industries. In 2017, the shortage of drivers was hovering around 50,000. Analysts have concluded that unless wave of new drivers comes into the industry, and companies are able to retain qualified talent, the shortage could increase to 175,000 by 2026. Even with the new influx of military veterans and women taking their places behind the wheel, the gap is not closing.

Incentives For Oil Truckers

Texas petroleum companies are now offering big incentives to oil truckers. Sign on bonuses. Housing. Food. The need to deliver oil is essential to the strength of our economy. According to the Texas Oil and Gas Association, some companies are even going so far as to offer training and safety as part of the hiring process. Texas is generating a lot of potential wealth and revenue for oil truckers who are interested, and right now, there is no way to distribute the goods fast enough.

Hopeful Outlook For Oil Truckers

With Houston once again becoming the focus of commerce in the United States, more oil truckers are slowly stepping up to the plate. Between the major incentives, the new drivers graduating from from courses, and classes to recruit young people with an interest in transportation, the new wave of oil truckers stand to make a lot of money over the next few years. However, if all of that oil is not shipped, it could have much larger repercussions on the economy in the near future.