Every trucking company needs capital to maintain and grow its operations. In the trucking industry, fleet owners rely on loans for everything from working capital to smoothing out uneven revenue cycles and expanding their companies. However, freight factoring can also be used for those same functions, though it offers some advantages that traditional loans do not.


This one is fairly obvious. When a trucking company takes out a loan, they also take on debt. Depending on the terms of the loan agreement, trucking companies can spend months or years paying off the balance with interest.

Freight, on the other hand, doesn’t place any debt on the books because the transaction of submitting unpaid receivables for cash is simple and transparent.

Scheduled Payments

All loans have scheduled payments with built-in penalties if a payment is late. This means trucking companies need to set aside a portion of their revenue to repay loans. If a revenue cycle is uneven and the money isn’t there to make a payment, trucking companies usually opt for short-term loans to smooth things out.

Freight factoring is very different from loans. There are no scheduled payments and no penalties. Freight factoring is designed to improve cash flow and smooth out uneven revenue cycles. The only thing trucking companies need to know is that freight factoring delivers cash for receivables within 24 hours.

Business Growth

While loans are typically the “go-to” method for funding growth projects, they also limit growth potential. Taking out a loan impacts credit ratings, and a portion of post-growth revenue still has to pay off the balance in addition to upscaled operational expenses.

By contrast, freight factoring improves cash flow, so trucking companies can build up capital reserves for growth projects and reduce the need for debt-based loans.

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