In the first part of this series, we took a look at improving trucking for drivers, and covered such topics as hiring and hours of service. In this second installment, we will touch on some topics which are frequently overlooked by drivers and fleet owners.

Standard Pay Rates for Idle Trucks

As things currently stand, the rate of pay varies greatly when drivers are waiting at shipper’s location. The rate varies from company to company, and there have even been movements to allow to no pay at all for trucks that are delivering to federally-controlled areas, such as airports. A standardized rate would not only make accounting easier, but it would help reduce the potential abuses that come with low or no pay rates at a shipper’s location.

Improving Trucking through Better Contracts

Companies who work with independent drivers need some form of oversight on their contract agreements. Sometimes a seemingly simple contract for a driver to haul goods comes into conflict with rules in different states, and even at the federal level. While it is true that some companies only use truckers within the state they are located, a large portion of contracted drivers are hauling shipments across state lines.

Separate Trucks and Trains

More companies are relying on the trucking industry instead of trains to deliver goods. In severe weather conditions, trucks can get to destinations easier than trains can. However, trains and trucks are both considered part of the freight industry, and rail organization still have a big say in legislation that impacts the trucking industry. If we are going to start improving trucking, then the industry cannot be forever married to railroads. From highway infrastructure taxes to ELDs and even the use of twin 33s, there is no reason rail should have any impact on the trucking industry. After all, trucking is leading the way to a stronger economy, while rail freight is still trying to remain relevant in a more advanced and ever-changing landscape.

Faster Revenue

While the trucking industry has become more efficient, fleet owners and independent drivers still have to wait 30 days or longer to see payment from customers. The business world is moving too fast for people to wait that long for revenue. Freight load factoring is improving trucking by converting unpaid invoices to cash within 24 hours. Express Freight Finance is the industry leader in factoring to prevent cash flow issues for independent contractor truckers and fleets across the country. Contact our offices today to learn more.