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Express Freight Finance is meeting today’s challenges to keep the trucking industry rolling.


Save Thousands
on Fuel Costs

Apply for a fuel card from Express Freight Finance! The process is quick and easy - Just a simple application and then 5 days to produce and ship the cards to your place of business. Save money on Fuel Purchases, Tires, Maintenance Technology (cell & Wi-Fi), Business Solutions, Insurance, Legal & More. GET STARTED SEE MORE ADD-ON SERVICES

Express Freight Finance recognizes the helpful ways the trucking community is responding to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic…


Factoring for Trucking

In a nutshell, freight bill factoring is the exchange of creditworthy freight bills for immediate cash.

Unique Circumstances

We understand that your circumstances are unique, so we custom design our factoring programs for every client.

You Get Cash Flow, Plus

We also provide collections management and credit management services as part of our overall service offering.

Good Credit And Growth

Your new working capital not only keeps your trucks rolling, but can also help build your credit.

Every Funding Program is
Custom Designed.

Full Advances, Guaranteed rates, Low flat fees.

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TOP YOUR TANK BY FACTORING YOUR FREIGHT BILLS! Give us some basic information and we will get a no cost, no obligation quote out to you. Put our team of cash flow specialists to work for you.
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Submit a complete application package to fast-track your first invoice funding. Just fill out an application OR call us at 877-807-3006 (Local Phone: 720-485-4576), collect some vital documents, send everything by email and one of our business development officers will be in touch – fast!
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We Are Here to Help
Friendly, Responsive and Dedicated Service.

We are trucking people, with the experience and know-how to keep you moving

You can count on friendly service from your Dedicated Account Manager, and everyone at Express Freight Finance is responsive to your needs. In fact, if you are not fully satisfied, you may leave without any penalty or termination fee.

Ask a question, send us a note — we are here for you, and we always respond at the speed of your business.

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