For years, Express Freight Finance has served the trucking industry as a national leader in freight load factoring services.

Founded by leaders with roots in the trucking industry going back generations, we have always looked forward to the horizon and embraced new technology to make the factoring process easier for trucking companies and drivers alike.

The Digital Revolution

Express Freight Finance was one of the first to let drivers transmit factoring information via their smartphones. We took that process one step further and developed our own app to expedite the process.

At the same time, we did not want to lose sight of the human factor and excellent service we’ve been known for since our founding.

In fact, making the factoring process easier for trucking companies and drivers via smartphones allowed us to free up resources to give more personal attention to our clients’ accounts and help assist them with any questions or custom strategies they wanted to implement.

By automating the transactional stage, we were able to come up with new ideas and tools to give our clients more control over their accounts.

Our team continues to look ahead to emerging technologies and how they can be implemented to make the time between delivery and factoring even more seamless and to keep the trucking industry—and, by extension, our economy—rolling.

ELDs and Blockchain Technology

Express Freight Finance saw the implementation of electronic logging devices (ELDs) before legislation made it mandatory.

Instead of fighting the inevitable, we thoroughly researched which ELDs were FMCSA-compliant and entered into partnerships with the ELD manufacturer we thought was the best for both performance and cost to help our customers get on board before the deadline at the end of 2017.

Around that time, blockchain technology was beginning to become more prevalent in everyday commerce as opposed to cryptocurrency.

As blockchain is used by more shippers and carriers, we continue to follow the progress and think of ways to implement it to make freight bill factoring and account management more secure for our clients, partners, and the trucking industry as a whole.

New Technology and Innovative Ideas

The trucking industry is constantly attracting new technology to make things easier and more efficient. Similarly, Express Freight Finance is always looking for forward-thinking individuals who see the value of implementing innovative ideas to make our business and the client experience enjoyable and efficient.

If you are such an individual and want to be part of the leading team in freight bill factoring, reach out to Express Freight Finance today.