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Trucking Fuel Cards In Houston, TX

For the trucking industry, both fleet owners and independent owner-operators alike are always looking out for new ways to save on business expenses. Express Freight Finance offers fuel cards in Houston, Texas, which is chock full of benefits for businesses of all sizes. Our fuel cards in Houston, TX provide discounts on fuel, but also discounts on business insurance, hotels, maintenance, technology and much more to save you money.

Applying For Fleet Fuel Cards In Houston, Texas

Applying for fuel cards in Houston is one of the fastest and easiest processes in the entire state of Texas. Our application for fuel cards in Houston, TX takes five days to create custom cards and ship them to your business. Fuel cards from Express Freight Finance work in the same way as secured credit cards. The funds needed to purchase fuel are transferred electronically to your card. Express Freight Finance can also transfer funds from your factoring account by request, or split the balance by putting factoring proceeds on your fuel card, and the remainder into your business bank account. All fuel card funds are made available immediately, even during banking holidays, so fleet owners and owner-operators can access all of the advantages offered by our fuel cards in Houston, TX.

The Advantages Of Using Our Fuel Cards In the Houston, TX Area

By using our fuel cards in Houston, TX, truckers gain access to benefits available throughout the United States and Canada. Our fuel cards are accepted at over 8,400 truck stops across the United States. Additionally, our fuel cards are accepted at all major chains, including Hess, Petro, Love’s, and more. Fuel cards from Express Freight Finance provide savings of up to 28 cents per gallon at filling stations, and that is just the beginning.

Save On Maintenance With Our Fuel Cards

The fuel card program from Express Freight Finance offers big savings on truck maintenance, such as:

  • Discounted roadside service and assistance
  • Savings up to 25 percent on fleet maintenance products
  • Savings up to $1.25/gallon with Castrol Diesel Engine Oils

Discounts On Technology And Equipment

Our fuel cards offer big discounts on technology and equipment for your truck or fleet, including:

  • Up to $1,000 back on new trucks
  • Up to $500 in rebates on used trucks
  • One month free service and installation from PeopleNet
  • Up to 18 percent savings on Sprint service plans
  • Save time and money on tolls and bypasses

Our Fuel Cards Offer Legal Protection

Compared to other motorists, professional truck drivers are at a greater risk for traffic violations, tickets, and fines. This can cause some tough situations because drivers rely on having clean driving records to continue and grow their business. Fuel cards from Express Freight Finance offer legal benefits through the Open Road Drivers Plan, which features:

  • Legal referral for carrier violations
  • Bonding services
  • Reimbursement on lost expenses if something happens on the road
  • Rewards on information leading to offenders
  • Discounts on lodging
  • More

The Best Fuel Cards In and Around Houston, TX

Express Freight Finance offer the best fuel cards in Houston, TX. Our fuel cards provide truckers and fleet owners with the most complete coverage and benefits. Call our team today to find out how you get start taking advantage of our fuel card program.

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