Freight Bill Factoring In Columbus, OH

Getting payments from customers is one of the major challenges facing both fleet owners and independent operators. The lag caused by staggered payments can often cause a huge strain on cash flow, which in turn makes regular operations slow down significantly. Express Freight Finance offers same day funding with our freight bill factoring solutions in Columbus, OH. Fleet owners and truckers alike can use our freight bill factoring in Columbus, Ohio to get payment from open invoices with aging periods of 30 days or more. This gives freight companies in Columbus, OH the ability to get payments on the very same day that deliveries are made, along with the financial flexibility and access to capital to succeed and grow in a competitive marketplace.

Freight Bill Factoring In Columbus, OH Provides Flexibility

Express Freight Finance offers flexibility by allowing fleet owners and drivers to choose which invoices are factored. We will work with you to create a customized solution to help you reach your business goals. Any freight company or independent driver with creditworthy customers can take advantage of our freight fill factoring in Columbus, OH. If there is proof of delivery, we can provide same day funding on your open invoices.

Freight Bill Factoring Options In the Columbus, OH Area

Every trucking business is unique, with its own set of goals and financial obligations. Our freight bill factoring program in Columbus, OH is designed to help those businesses grow successfully. By using our freight bill factoring in Columbus, OH, you will have access to a dedicated account manager, who will work to ensure you have the capital necessary to reach all of your milestones. At Express Freight Finance, we promote a philosophy of financial freedom and independence, and believe fleet owners and independent truckers should have access to the capital they are owed, rather than being held back by delays from staggered customer payments.

Freight Bill Factoring Is More Than A Cash Flow Solution

Maintaining a healthy cash flow is just one aspect of our freight bill financing program in Columbus, OH. Truckers will receive the added financial strength of credit and collection management without program. We also offer our clients a very fast turnaround on open invoices. When trucking companies go to outside collection services, they can easily add 45 to 50 days onto the turnaround for overdue freight bills. Express Freight Finance believes in reducing the time to get access to the money you are owed, which is why we include collection services as part of our program. Additionally, we give truckers and fleet owners access to our credit checking system. We will analyze your customer accounts to let you know if they are creditworthy, so you can choose whether or not to do business with them, or submit their invoices to our freight bill factoring services in Columbus, OH well in advance.

Get The Best Freight Bill Factoring In Columbus, Ohio

Express Freight Finance is dedicated to offering the best freight bill factoring in Columbus, OH. With our quick turnaround on invoices, same day funding, collection options, and credit checking, we provide the most complete services to help you manage your receivables. Contact our team today to find out more.

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Factoring At The Speed Of Your Business

• At Express Freight Finance, we get cash into your bank account in 24 hours.
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• We offer fuel cards so that cash can also go directly to the pump — and at a discount on every gallon.
• We also offer fuel advances so you can get cash before there is an invoice.
• We move fast because this is factoring for trucking, and we respond at the speed of your business.

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